Telehealth Tips for Kids

Please take your child directly to the Emergency Department / Call 000 if:

  • Aged under 3 months with a temperature of 38 degrees or more
  • Aged under 3 months and not feeding
  • Very pale or hard to wake
  • They are having trouble breathing
  • They have a rash and a headache, stiff neck or back pain
  • Unwell with a fever and a skin rash that does not turn to skin colour (blanch) when you press it

Preparing for your consultation

If your child is unwell or has a rash please record the relevant details listed below. Videos and/or photos may be sent via a SMS or WhatsApp message to 0435 669 101. Please include your child’s name and date of birth in the message. This is a dedicated line for videos and photos only. We will not respond to your message via this number.

  • Child’s name and age
  • Weight or best estimate of this (bathroom scales fine)
  • Temperature (if you have a thermometer)
  • Respiratory rate (count for 60 seconds, one breath in and out counts as 1 breath). If outside of the ranges below please call our reception to arrange an urgent assessment.
    • Newborn: 26-60 breaths per minute
    • Age <1 year: 25-55 breaths per minute
    • Age 1-4 years: 20-40 breaths per minute
    • Age 5-10 years: 16-34 breaths per minute
  • A 15 second video (if you can) of the front of your child’s chest with their top off to allow us to visually assess their breathing
  • A picture of any rash