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Do you know that your GP has specialist training in managing migraines?    

Migraines are a common problem that can stop the sufferer from doing what they want – family, work, leisure activities. 

Migraines can be an acute problem.  This means that when they happen they then do not occur again for some time, or people can experience migraines chronically.  Chronic migraines means that the person gets a migraine regularly for a period of more then 3-6 months. 

People who suffer from Migraines can benefit from 

  • regular sleep schedules  
  • eating regular healthy meals 
  • drinking 1.5 to 2 litres water daily 
  • limiting coffee or tea to 1-2 cups daily daily) 
  • 30-40 minutes of walking most days  
  • good workplace ergonomics (especially when using a computer)  
  • regular short breaks to stretch and rest eyes when using a computer 
  • regular use of a relaxation technique such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, breathing techniques, progressive muscular relaxation 
  • avoiding known triggers such as alcohol, MSG, citrus fruit, chocolate, preserved meats or perfume

If simple strategies such as the above are not controlling your migraines your GP is your first port of call for evidence-based advice 

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