COVID-19 Health Update

v 04/05/20

  • Coronaviruses have been around for a long time.  They cause the common cold and similar illnesses.
  • COVID-19 is more serious and it poses a serious threat to members of our community, particularly the elderly and those who have other health conditions eg. heart disease, diabetes, immune suppression.
  • The COVID-19 virus is most likely spread via droplet transmission.   
  • Symptoms can include fever and/or flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue and/or shortness of breath.  
  • There is currently no vaccine available for the COVID-19 virus.

Slow and reduce the spread

  • Avoid close contact (hugging, kissing, shaking hands)
  • Increase social distance to 1.5 metres if possible.  Avoid crowded spaces.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth.  The virus remains on surfaces for some time and avoiding touching your face reduces your chance of picking it up.
  • Wash your hands often  – vigorously with soap and water or use alcohol based hand gel.

How to prepare

  • Defer non essential visits to elderly family members and friends. Children may have no or very mild symptoms but transmit the virus to others.  Consider FaceTime or call instead.
  • Cancel travel
  • Build a 1-2 week supply of non perishable foods and your regular medications (please don’t hoard – think of others).
  • Consider how you would care for unwell household and family members, especially elderly relatives.
  • Get an influenza vaccination from April —this won’t protect you against COVID-19 but it will protect you against flu, which can be a serious illness.

If you become unwell
(fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath)

  • Isolate yourself at home – do not go out
    • DO NOT visit your GP or pharmacy—this risks the safety of others and potential closure of services for two weeks.
    • If you have mild symptoms stay at home until you are well
    • If you have severe symptoms (including shortness of breath/chest pain) present to your ED or call 000 (advising them of your symptoms)
    • We are unable to test for COVID-19 at Pear Tree as we have do not have sufficient protective equipment. 
    • Use the phone. Pear Tree doctors provide telehealth and can refer you for safe COVID-19 testing. Book via HotDoc or call our reception on 72285818.
  • If you are unwell and higher risk (contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case or returned overseas traveller in the past 14 days or travelled interstate in the last 7 days) OR have symptoms and work in a high risk occupation (aged care, healthcare)
    • Isolate yourself at home until you are well and/or you have received results and advice from your COVID-19 testing
    • To be tested
      • We are unable to test for COVID-19 at Pear Tree as we have do not have sufficient protective equipment. 
      • Visit the Royal Adelaide Hospital COVID-19 Testing Clinic
      • Visit the Flinders Medical Centre COVID-19 Testing Clinic
      • Arrange a visit to the Daw Park drive through COVID-19 Testing Clinic via a Pear Tree Telehealth consult. Book via HotDoc or call our reception on 72285818.
      • Wear a surgical mask if you have one on hand.
  • For more information call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 for advice.

For more information

Find out more from the Commonwealth Department of Health